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DIET CET Syllabus 2015 Model Papers Material Download

DIET CET Syllabus 2015

District Institute of Education and Training Department AP releases DIET CET Syllabus 2015 for those who have applied for the exam. Candidates can get preparation material regarding DIET CET 2015 such as model papers, paper pattern etc from below

The exam will be conducted in the month of May, 2015. Study Material helps the students to prepare for DIET CET Examination 2015. The candidates can check the Syllabus from below page prepared by the team of privatejobshub.blogspot.in

DIET CET Study Material 2015

Part I
(a) General Knowledge
(b) Teaching Aptitude Test
Part II
(a) General English
(b) Telugu/Urdu/Tamil
Part III
(a) Mathematics
(b) Physical Sciences
(c) Biological Sciences
(d) Social Studies

CET Syllabus 2015

The candidates must know that the subject and syllabi of the Exam must have questions of the standard VIII to X classes of A.P. State Syllabus (applied to Part-II & Part III of the exam).

The examination paper will be in the Languages of Telugu / English or Urdu / English and Tamil / English only.
DIET CET Model Papers

The candidates can see the questions related to DIET CET Syllabus as follows -

1. Dogs have a very good sense ..... smell

(Choose the appropriate preposition to complete the sentence)

1) off
2) for
3) of
4) in

2. When I switched on the TV, the programme.... I was just in time.

(Choose the appropriate verb form to complete the sentence)

1) Started
2) would start
3) had started
4) might start

3. Let's sit in the garden, .........?

(Choose appropriate question tag)

1) should we
2) do we
3) shall we
4) shall I

4. Jagan was bitterly ..... the result of the match.

(Choose the appropriate answer to complete the sentence)

1) disappointed of
2) disappointed to
3) disappointed for
4) disappointed at

5. We thought Anand to be a detective.

(The passive form of the above sentence is ....)

1) Anand is thought a detective by us.
2) Anand was thought to be a detective
3) A detective was thought Anand
4) Anand was thought that of a detective

6. Every Sunday, Ravi and Mohan meet in the same cafe. They are goingthere for years

The underlined part should be replaced by?

1) have gone
2) have been going
3) have not gone
4) have not been going

7. "I really must have a rest", Swati said.

The sentence can be reported as

1) Swati insisted to have rest
2) Swati insisted to have a rest
3) Swati insisted on having rest
4) Swati insisted on having a rest

8. √0.7056 = .........

1) 0.084
2) 0.86
3) 8.6
4) 0.84 

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